Hey there! My name is Austin Eller; I'm a senior at the University of Georgia, pursuing a degree in Journalism, a minor in Japanese Language and Literature, and the New Media Certificate. I currently live in Athens, GA, and I have lived in Georgia my entire life.

After I finish my Bachelors degree in May of 2020, I plan on pursuing a career in the media field. At the moment, I am undecided in regards to the pathway I want to take, but my main passions are reporting, video, and production work. Currently, I have experience in radio (on air and production), podcasting, videoography, photography, script writing, voiceovers, very basic HTML/CSS coding, and much more. For more information on who I am as a professional, feel free to browse around this site!

My hobbies include looking into the latest tech trends, reading up on Japanese language and culture, playing the latest video games, spending time with my wonderful girlfriend, cat and leopard gecko, enjoying the beautiful town of Athens, and much more.

This website is intended to work as an interactive resume, portfolio, and blog. I intend to frequently update my blog, with posts on various topics; including previous projects, film reviews, personal pieces, and much more!

Long story short, take a look through my resume, check out my blog posts, or even go to the contact page to contact me directly!

Onboard a tour boat on the Sumida River in Tokyo, Japan.

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