Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, Lightroom, Photoshop and XD

  • Premiere, Audition, and Lightroom are my bread and butter as I use them on a very frequent basis between Frame Skip, reporting, and my job at Cox Media Group.

Wordpress and Methode

  • I created the portfolio portion of this website in Wordpress, and have also used Wordpress during my time as a reporter for Grady Newsource
  • Methode is Cox Radio's current CMS, so I have used it to post articles on our station websites.

Social News Desk and HootSuite

  • My time with Cox Media Group and Grady Newsource allowed me to gain an understanding of Social News Desk, while HootSuite is what I use

A broadcast package I produced for my Advanced Videojournalism course and Grady Newsource during the fall semester of 2019.

HTML, CSS and BootStrap

  • Exluding the portfolio section, every part of this website was coded by myself using a combination of the three.

Intermediate Written and Spoken Japanese

  • I minored in Japanese Language and Literature at UGA, where I studied the language for three years.

Radio Board Operation

  • I operate radio boards at my job at Cox Media Group, where I have produced anything from live morning talk shows, to University of Georgia Football and Basketball broadcasts.

Some examples of my Photojournalism Work


  • I have created multiple broadcast and digital journalism video packages using a Canon DSLR, as well as a JVC video camera.


  • After taking a photojournalism class a Grady, I can operate a Canon DSLR in full manual to take photographs for journalistic, artistic, or other purposes

Computer Hardware Replacement and Modification

  • I have built, completed maintenance, and upgraded internal components of several personal computers.

A snapshot of some of the code used on this website - entirely coded by myself.

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